About the Suzuki Gypsy

One of the most convincing arguments for the robust all-terrain Suzuki Gypsy is that it was selected as the favorite vehicle for the Indian government security agencies as well as the Indian army and State police who bought the Suzuki Gypsy in bulk, exceeding the sales and popularity of the Suzuki Gypsy over even India’s own brand, Mahindra. One of the major reasons for this popularity is the Suzuki Gypsy easy to maintain ownership.

Manufactured in India by Maruti Suzuki this petrol powered 4×4 was introduced to the Indian market during December 1985 and is one of the longest running vehicles still in production after more than thirty years and continues to remain on top of the sales charts.

During March 2000 Maruti Suzuki Gypsy introduced the 16-Valve mpfi G13BB engine and power was increased to 80 bhp (60kW; 81 PS). The MPFI Gypsy King received a brake booster as well.

The Suzuki Gypsy 4×4 has its long wheelbase based on the Suzuki Jimny. It is primarily for off-road or rough unprepared road surfaces. To quote Autocar India; “there is nothing that can touch a Suzuki Gypsy off the road!”

Add to this the simplicity of working on the Suzuki Gypsy for maintenance or repairs and one can begin to understand its popularity.

The Suzuki Gypsy was even exported to countries like Chile and Kenya and can also be found in Europe, most often in Malta and Hungary. In 2013 Suzuki New Zealand introduced the Suzuki Gypsy King as the Suzuki Farm Worker 4×4.

In India it is widely used by the police and military forces. In fact, the Suzuki Gypsy MG413W model is now the mainstay of the Indian Army.

In civilian use, the Suzuki Gypsy is likewise a popular choice and is a common sight at rally and autocross events.

Proven over time to be reliable, tough and tenacious, the Suzuki Gypsy will satisfy your lust for off-road driving whilst being versatile enough to also handle highway cruising.

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