Suzuki Gypsy

If adventure is your favourite venture SUZUKI GYPSY is for you!  Built tough to take on rugged, wild terrain, the Gypsy won’t disappoint.

This reliable workhorse has more than proven itself over the previous 40 years.

It’s simple and clean, straight styling combines excellently with go-anywhere mobility. .

Low on running costs, it is a great combination of light-weight 4-wheel driving for dirt tracks and basic road cruising.

Plus, the higher power to weight ratio of 0.0812 ensures faster acceleration through streams and muddy terrain.

The diaphragm spring clutch design can withstand higher rotational speeds and requires less release load, thereby reducing wear and tear of parts.

  • Tough all-terrrain 4×4
  • 60 kW @ 6000 rpm maximum power
  • 210mm of ground clearance
  • Smooth, refined 1.3-litre petrol engine has a punchy mid-range
  • Low on running costs

For more specs on the SUZUKI GYPSY click on the images below.